About Eventor


Eventor is a newly created micro company, established in 2017, and is the result of a ten-year period of Klara Trošt Lesić’s scientific and professional work in the fields of events analysis and sustainable tourism.

Eventor provides full support to event organisers before, during and after the event staging. With this approach, organisers are able to create a unique event, start in a timely manner the process of organisation and promotion and measure the required results by means of impacts evaluation. 

By visiting events, as well as by cooperation with event organisers, the Eventor goals are:

  • Knowledge sharing in understanding of basic steps in event organisation,
  • Training of organisers to better understand economic, social and environmental impacts of events,
  • Providing advice in the process of creation of event programmes and experience designs,
  • Providing implementable advice for organisation of quality events and
  • Raising organisers’ awareness about the importance of sustainable event management.

„If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it“
Peter Drucker

The purpose of Eventor is to provide support to event organisers in the process of organisation of sustainable events.

The Eventor services are intended for event organisers, professionals and amateurs at different levels:

  • Tourist Board managers at town and local levels,
  • Persons responsible for event organisation at local self-government unit levels, members of associations,
  • Staff at Open Universities, museums, primary and secondary schools,
  • Students,
  • PCOs – independent professional congress organisers,
  • In-house PCOs – professional congress organisers within associations or companies,
  • AMCs, EMCs and independent congress organisers,
  • Staff of hotels with congress centres,
  • DMCs and DMOs and
  • All interested parties.